Friday, October 19, 2007

Torque on OpenSolaris

Just got it running. SXDE 9/07, Sun Ultra 40 M2.

What I needed:

  • Solaris 10, Developer Edition (This is called SXDE for short)

  • The Torque game engine

  • pkg-get

  • patience

The main gotchas:

  • You'll need a new SDL. pkg-get -i libsdl

  • You'll need OpenAL. pkg-get -i openal

  • cpp -dM will show you that 'sun' is defined by the preprocesser. You'll have to modify the code to #ifdef sun/#undef sun/#endif in a few places. Just let the error messages guide you.

  • The Makefile's pretty close to the standard

  • nasm (you'll have to make & install that, but it's literally configure ; make && make install) will need -f elf -dLINUX to do what you want correctly.

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